Flaps Done; Big Snag

I got quite a bit of stuff done this weekend, including the start of the sad dismantling of the first completely sleeve. I finally decided that it was too fat for my arms and that I'd look really stupid with a form fitting body area and really bigass sleeves. In a shocking turn of events, I could not find my seam ripper. I do this a lot; I put things in really safe places so that the kids will never find them. I should probably start writing down where I hide them. I ended up having to rip out all the stitches with my scissors.

I finished the other wide flap and also the two side flaps. I measured it up with the body piece and did altering so that these flaps will match well with the amount of cloth going around my body. You can see my son's hand in the picture. He kept flinging the flaps all over the place cause he's a rascal like that so what I ended up doing was laying them out and then going, "OMG BUDDY, LOOK!" and I pointed at the dresser behind him. He fell for that like a ton of bricks! *snicker* What a sucker! (I kid! I kid!)

So of course having these finished I'm all excited and want to just attached it to the body piece right? I had to put the red patch onto the front before I could do that and so I whipped out what I had left of the red flannel only to find out that I don't have enough! This of course meant a trip back to WalMart to buy more. I take the kids with me and go to the Pearl City store where the red looks too bright, so I just buy more white to make the pants. We head off to the Mililani store to buy some and I guess the lighting was different there cause it looked fine in the store. But then I got home and discovered that the two reds don't look anywhere near each other:

I am VERY bummed over this. It's the only red flannel they had, I don't know why it doesn't match. Even the white doesn't really match. The one I bought is like this off white cream color. I'm going to try the Ala Moana WalMart in the hopes that they have the right red. If not, I don't know what to do because there is NO QUESTION that they are very different reds. The new one is very bright. *sob*

Front Panel/Flap Almost Done!

I'd previously hand stitched the red flannel onto the white because I thought that it would just scrinch and get crooked, etc, but I was feeling all droopy last night thinking of all the hand stitching again to be done on this so I just said screw it and went with the machine and it came out rather well. I was very happy with the result:

It's a bit crooked on the right side, but I told myself who the hell is going to care about details like that? Obviously only me. Tonight I'm going to work on an identical one for the back and then cut out the side ones. I still am not sure how I will be doing the leather squares in the middle. I have been wracking my brain trying to come up with a way to do it, but so far I don't think what I have in mind will work out the way I am imagining. We'll see.  

Countdown: 41 days

Near 1 Month Hiatus! ;(

Today is October 4th, which means that I now have only 42 days left to finish up my White Mage AF costume. After doing that one sleeve and realizing it was a bit too fat and that I'd probably have to rip out most of my hand stitches to make it more form fitting, I really burnt out of the costume in general. However, with the fall TV season starting up again, I now have a whole lot of tv I need to watch, so I now have a whole lot of "sit on my ass" time on my hands, which has put me back into the costume making groove.

Last night while watching one of my backlogged 4400 episodes, I managed to cut out and pin down one of the front panels for the lower half of the briault. I still have to put the red border in, but this middle area has to be completed first. I made two of the same because I need for the front and the back. I've also purchased some vinyl material to attempt to make the pouch that goes in the back. That will be rough though.

I'll hopefully get started stitching this piece by tonight. I have to make two smaller ones for the side pieces too.

One Sleeve Complete!

Last night was one bigass night of tv for us with UFC 75 and the Hawaii vs. LA Tech game to watch after the kids went to sleep at around 9 pm. I was doing a lot of work on my sleeve while we were watching and unfortunately this meant a lot of replaying when I was looking down during a big hit on someone. I'm not a Matt Hamil fan, but he got fucking robbed by UK hometown advantage in his fight with Michael Bisping. I give him a lot of respect and I think it says a whole lot that the London crowd was booing the decision when Bisping won. That was seriously one of the lamest decisions I've ever seen. The football game gave me at least 50 heart attacks and I had to stop sewing at a certain point because my nerves were causing me to prick my finger too much due to shaking hands.

Anyway, enough of that and on to the sleeve. This first photo shows the strips of black and red I attached to the top. I cut the black from the bottom of a pair of pants of mine that was obviously made for Superwoman because I was able to cut off like 5 inches and still have more than enough to hem. I messed up sewing it on the first time and had to remove all the stitching to do it again. Thank goodness I was able to machine stitch this part, I'd have cried if I had to rip out hand stitches.

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Here we examine my shoddy embroidery

As you will soon be able to tell from my pictures, I only just recently took up embroidery. By recently I mean a few days ago. I had no idea what to put onto the sleeve strip so I just started out making random shapes and from there I tried to write P I K O P O T S in runes but apparently I should have just stuck with random figures because it looks terrible. After that I was at a loss again so I started to put random Klingon alphabets lol.

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Fan Fest Costume

I've been trying to think of something useful to enter here in my LJ since it looks pretty blank with nothing in it. I'd joined with the account so that I could join bento communities but the emptiness bothers me. I finally decided last night that I'll use this journal to document my progress on my White Mage AF costume that I'm working on for the FFXI Fan Fest in November. I don't really want a lot of people to see it so I may end up stopping this when it gets more put together. Either that or I'll make it private.

I started working on it a few weeks ago, buying the material and a pattern that I thought looked pretty close. I'm using this page of pictures as a reference. I started off with the pattern for an Asian style blouse that had flared sleeves and the measurements I took of myself don't seem to be translating well to what I'm making. The outfit is a bit big right now based on the body area I sewed together. But I suppose bigger is way better than too small. I chose flannel for the softness. At least, I think it's flannel. Well whatever, it's soft. It's a bit thin though and I wanted this outfit to be comfortable to wear too, so I doubled up the cloth and added a thing layer of batting into the middle. As I mentioned I sewed together the body area as I tend to get overexcited on certain projects like these. It's not much right now, just the 3 main pieces put together. I'm working on the sleeves right now.

This is the first bit of work I did on the sleeves for the edges:

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